What is this?

We have developed complex spreadsheets that have helped us do really cool things, and based on the feedback of others we decided to offer them for sale to help people like you too.

Why our spreadsheets are great

Google Sheets is a powerful and feature rich platform. But it's power comes paired with complexity. We build advanced spreadsheets in the GSuite environment, but make them super easy to use. You get the power and security of Google, and simplicity of use. And you get it in minutes, not weeks!

Free Support

We build products well, but we support them better, just in case. You can reach out for support via slack or use our knowledge base.



You can opt-in to product updates, which come as files plus how-to tutorials.



We ensure that everything we ship is not only easy to use, but also secure to safeguard your data.

What our customers are saying

Who's Behind This?

Meet the brothers from Cambridge that are building this spreadsheet goodness.

Daniel Wilson

Sheets Genius

Daniel is a spreadsheet genius on the next level. If you can imagine it, he can build it.

Alistair Wilson

Business Dude

Alistair is a digital transformation consultant by day, and hacker by night. Loves helping people with good tech.